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Sesame Communications' Orthodontists Achieve Top Search Engine Visibility with WebPosition 4

It is so nice to be recognized for all our hard work. I know I have personally put a lot into helping our orthodontists and dentists rank very high. Lately, it's becoming more and more apparent to me that our doctors are becoming aware that their patients really do rely on the information they get from the doctor's website.

So, it only goes to show that not only does a beautiful web site design show your best light, but having the support structure on the search engines really help as well.

Our new program Sesame Elite Search is also taking off. I am getting calls daily about our doctors wanting to advertise their offices on Google, MSN and Yahoo!.

More good news!

I got an email yesterday from Amanda, one of the Google Sitemap engineers, offering to add my sitemaps manually to our account! This is a result of my initial post about 2 weeks ago to the Google Sitemaps message board letting them know how useful sitemaps really are, but having the 200 sitemap limit really hurts us.

So, was I suprised to hear at the Search Engine Watch Seattle meeting that these engineers actually read my post and decided because of the quality of our sitemaps we add for each of our memebers that they would be raising the Google Sitemap limit to 500 on the next program update!!!! BECAUSE OF ME! That felt really good to know I have helped to positively influence a Google program :)

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