Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Overstock Coupons

Just in time for the holiday gift buying spree, here is a link to some super deals.Overstock Coupon has many specials from that will meet the needs for just about anyone on your list.

Are you looking to find a certain special marketed item online? Search overstock and use the Overstock Coupons to sweeten the deals you should already be able to find. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Search Engine Submission Sites

Search Engine Submission Sites & Links

Most of these places have free web site submission, but some require that you register before you can complete the submission. Personally I create a dummy email address that all my junk mail can be sent to and use that as the registration address.

By submitting your site to lots of search engines you will get a greater chance of exposure and traffic to your site. The main engines are a "must" but to get your rankings higher it takes quite a few other varied aspects to be implemented.

1. Yahoo! Search

2. MSN

3. Google

4. Open Directory

5. ExactSeek

6. ScrubTheWeb

7. SearchSight

8. Buzzle

9. Accoona

10. EntireWeb

11. GigaBlast

12. AbiLogic

13. World Site Index

14. 01WebDirectory

15. Exalead

16. WebSquash

17. IllumiRate

18. SearchIt

19. What U Seek

20. AbiFind

21. Linketeria

22. NetInsert

23. Wikidweb

24. Pedsters Planet

25. Info Listings

27. Claymont

28. Qango

29. Info Tiger

30. TowerSearch

31. Sphericom

32. FyberSearch

33. Zeezo

34. Aeiwi

35. Burf

36. Amfibi

37. BigClique

38. Cipinet

39. Clickey

40. BusyBits

41. WebbieWorld

42. SgtSearch

43. SearchHippo

44. SplatSearch

45. TopSites

46. Arakne Links

47. AnyApex

48. AnooX

49. SeekZap

50. SearchWorth

Monday, November 20, 2006

PPP Love

One of the new fads out there on the blogosphere is the system of "pay per post" or PPP. It is also referred to as viral marketing because of the way it spreads out marketing messages throught blogs worldwide. Generally posts are focused by topic and end up on relevant blogs, making them a valuable "plug" that people read about from trusted sources, like me!

Some marketers find these posts to be a alternative method of marketing but it really is the fact of real people telling their stories and sharing marketing messages versus some blind robot who just searches for you by keyword. If you blog try Pay Per Post for yourself! Javascripts

There are some newer, free JScripts that can use to do some pretty spectacular effects for sites. has some great image viewing scripts, Lightbox JS & Lightbox JS v2.0, that have the look of flash, but are solely javascript. Scriptaculous also has some great effects to use for adding some slick effects to your sites.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Content is King... With Attention

Content is King... With Attention

I recently read an article all about page optimization and what some of the important factors are in developing a search friendly web site. They described all the pieces from the domain name to the coding elements like meta tags, keywords, the description, alt tags, good linking structure, but touted that "Content is King."

Now, I am not disagreeing with that statement. Content is certainly the largest block of the building. But what I felt was missing from their article was the fact that content should not be implemented then forgotten. If you have a great website, but it stays the same for months or even years it grows stagnant and will start to die over time.

Think for a second about How well would the site perform if they left news up on their homepage for a year? Now that is a very dramatic example, but the principle is the same even if it is on a much smaller level. Am I saying that everyone has to update their content every day to stay on top? No!

What I am saying is keep updated information on your site. Do you have events, sales, specials, holiday giveaways, or anything that you can add, especially to a homepage, that will show search engines your web site is a living document? How about new products, or asking a question to get feedback from site visitors, anything to show that you are vested in keeping your web site active and informative.

You have to take into consideration your market, your competition, and your own web site focus. Are other sites adding or changing content every 3 days? If they are most likely they are going to beat out any site that has had no changes in a long period of time. Do you run an informative site or e-commerce? Then fresh content, on a regular - frequent - basis is your lifeblood.

One good way to keep fresh content is by starting a personal or corporate blog and making a post or two a week. I tend to post a lot and I have search engines picking up my site every couple hours. Link those post titles to your homepage with some server-side code and see a huge jump in those bot visits!

There is so much you can do, and most of it can be something quick and simple. One or two hours a month even can show that you care about your web site. Write some content, share your news, sell a new product. Trust me, by giving a little, you will be gaining a lot.

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Author - Steve Terjeson - Online Marketing Specialist with over 10 years assorted programming, marketing, sales, and computer related experience.

Article Source:

Terjeson, Steve. (2006, November 02). Content is King... With Attention. EzineArticles. Retrieved November 10, 2006, from

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Australia Proposed Copyright Rules » Ironvine Search Marketing

Australia Proposed Copyright Rules » Ironvine Search Marketing

Australia's new proposed copyright laws seem like a very stupid idea and really hamper freedom of speech and freedom of information. I'm standing with Google on this point. However, I do also think that an opt-in method could also work. It would just be a huge strategic nightmare with updating servers on the search engine side and granting access. If you don't want your stuff indexed use robots.txt. Come on people if you're not able to add that you have no business having a web page or content online.

Maple Story Hacks

Here's a post for those online gamers who need a little extra help. Maple Story Hacks and Game Hacks are resources for just those people. If you needs hacks, cheats, or hints for online gaming as well as specific information about Maple Story then these sites are for you. Take a look today.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ironvine Search Marketing News - October 2006

Ironvine Search Marketing News - October 2006

One of my published works. Yeah my search marketing newsletter isn't much but I thought it would be fun to submit it to a few article sites and see the response. It covers some of the happenings in the search engine marketing and optimization world in October 2006.

You can read the official location at

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Send It On Organization Support » Ironvine Search Marketing

Send It On Organization Support » Ironvine Search Marketing

One of my friends has started a free, no cost, donation or support international charity organizational web site. Send It On is a place where you can go and share good deeds with others.

The goal is to impact your awareness of just how important doing things for others is, or show that you recognize things that have been done for you.

By sending on your experiences you encourage others to do the same thing in their lives. Stop by today and write a quick post about something that has happened recently in your life, then send it on to others!

Send It On