Monday, October 30, 2006

MyEclipse Plugin

MyEclipse is a software package for the Eclipse platform. They have a nice range of application and language bases. This includes Eclipse AJAX / Web 2.0 Tools. The tools themselves are very well done and offer a great plug in solution for the developer. The Eclipse Plugin can be reviewed and downloaded right away!

Several other comparable applications I have seen range in the hundreds to thousands of $$ but MyEclipse is only running at about$30.

Take a try for yourself with their free download trial of the Eclipse Plugin.

Unforgiving Domain Hosts

One part of my job includes managing domain transfers. About half the time this is really a seemless process, people have the right passwords, the other host has a good web interface, and things go smoothly.

The other half of the time is usually a complete headache. There are several reasons for this. One, the domain owner usually is not a technically savvy person. Two, the email contact password and user id are generally missing, incorrect, or just MIA. Three, the other host has such a bad interface, customer service, or completely shady procedures.

DRoA (Domain registry of America -gag-) is one of the shadiest and most underhanded domain hosts I have ever encountered. All the time we get advertisements via fax, mail or email saying your domain is about to expire and you owe $99~ to renew. Of course they aren't the host of the domain, they just want you to pay, then they take your money and make you transfer to them after the fact.

Another example is hosts that like to do -some- of what you ask. They send you partial access, make partial or blatantly incorrect changes, turn off service, or forget to answer your 10 emails for a month or two.

Why cant you all just play nice! Try GoDaddy, cheap efficient and generally responsive! is a multi-network forum that discusses affiliate networking in depth. Affiliate network catagories include Commission Junction, LinkShare, Performics, Shareasale, and Independent Programs.

You can find industry happenings, news, events and share your own experiences while marketing online.

Discuss SEO Strategies -

Take a look today to see what kind of information you are missing!

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Ironvine Search Marketing News - October 2006

Ironvine Search Marketing News - October 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ironvine Search Marketing

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Monday, October 16, 2006

McKinney, TX Orthodontist Jennifer Buchanan

McKinney, TX (Texas), Orthodontist Jennifer S. Buchanan, DDS, MS

Did a little SEO update on the index.html page of this site to support the flash intro. Will monitor the changes to this orthodontic web site by Sesame Design.

Monday, October 02, 2006

New Ironvine Search Marketing Blog

New Blog Location!

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