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Comment Form with Image Verification

Sesame Design: Comment Form with Image Verification

In an effort to make web forms more secure and prevent spam we have developed a PHP based dynamic comment form package with image verification. It was designed to make it very easy to use, and no need to modify any cgi or script files! You can have as many form fields as you like.

>>Download the Files<<

1) The page must be saved as .php, but you can name it whatever you like.
2) Include all files in the same directory as the .php page. (sample.php not required)
3) Include the <?php .... ?> section at line 1 of the file
4) Change the To, From Name, and From Email to the correct information
5) The submit button must be named 'submit'
6) The verification textbox name must be named 'txtNumber' and be accompanied by <img src="randomimg.php"> (image size is 85x40)
7) Form action must call the same page (itself) and be set to POST
8) Copy the <?php .... ?> sections at the bottom of the sample.php file and paste under the </form> tag

Optional settings:
To have the page redirected, remove the # and change the redirect URL
To have cc emails add to the php code: $cc='some@email.com';

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