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Website Submission Directory Lists

Putting up a great website with valid content that people are really going to like is not the only thing you need to do to have a successful web site and good rankings on SERPs. One of the major content values the search engines look for are those quality incoming links to your site.

Having these links tell the search engines that your site is popular and worthy of being listed. It's something that people are going to find somewhere, and they want them to use their service. Probably a little bit twisted version of looking at why they do it, but it makes sense for the layman's point of view.

Below you will find a list of directories and directory lists that you can submit your site to. Some are free, some require registration. Others charge you for each listing or want you to put up a reciprocal link on your website. DMOZ and Yahoo! directories are by far the largest and most popular. You should always start there.

[Starting Point Directory] - PR8
[Thomasnet] - PR8 Industrial Products Only
[Librarian Info Directory] - PR8 Must have free content/info
[Free Web Submission]
[List of free directories] - Lists PageRank(PR), cost, Alexa
[Great directory List]
[Great list of PR6 directories]
[A list of search engine friendly web site directories]
[Excellent directory list] - Allows you to mark all directories you have submitted to.
[600 SEO directories]
[Hitslog.com] - List of directories with Google PageRank(PR)
[Internettreklama.com] - List of directories with Google PageRank(PR)
[Vilesilencer.com] - Massive SEO Friendly, Google PageRank(PR) Directory List
[SEO Friendly List] - 506+ good Free SEO friendly list
[Lists PageRank, costs] - Many directories listed in a forum.
[SEO Company list]- List is comprehensive and has 7 categories
[Massive list with PR, paid or free]
[Lists Google PR, Alexa ranking, saturation, fee or free]
[Google PageRank, Alexa Rank] - Lists requirements for free listing
[Google PageRank and paid listings worth the money]
[List of most important and used directories]
[Interactive Marketing internet directories]
[SEOChat Forums Free PageRank Directories]

Remember it can take a while for directories to publish or index your site. Think of it as an investment into the future!

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