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Yahoo! News

This week we see the launch of a new Yahoo! crawler (Slurp). From the feedback and just taking a cursory look at the general results of the change, you can see that Yahoo! has adapted to the Google method of indexing spam sites and directories. *sigh* Lets hope that their *load and speed* fix for the web hosts doesn't affect the end user. I can just hear the doctors wondering about their rankings already.

July 28, 2006
Weather Report – The New Yahoo! Search Crawler (Slurp) Is Here!
We launched a new Yahoo! Search Crawler, Yahoo! Slurp earlier this week. In addition to crawling the Internet faster, our new crawler is more efficient at visiting websites. As a result, site owners will notice as much as a 25% reduction in the number of requests and bandwidth consumed by the crawler.

While transitioning to the new crawler over the past few weeks, we had been running both crawlers in tandem. In some cases, this increased the frequency of Yahoo Search requests to websites. Now, with the new crawler in full production, we have turned off the old crawler and site owners should see a much lower crawl load without a loss in content coverage.

With this change of behavior in the crawler, you may see some shuffling of the pages that are included in the index and some changes in ranking as well.

Let us know what you observe through our feedback form, or if you have any technical issues with Slurp please contact support.

Thank you to everyone who helped us with this update!

David Simpson
Yahoo! Slurp Team

Priyank Garg
Yahoo! Search

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