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SEOmoz Page Strength

After reviewing this tool from SEOmoz, I am fairly impressed with it's value. You can find quite a lot of useful information on how your site is being seen on a broad scale (or not being seen respectively).

Here is a sample list of the information that it will pull about any web site.
Links pointing to full URL: (Yahoo)
Links pointing to domain: (Yahoo)
Position at Google for first four words of title tag on target URL: (Google)
Age of Domain: (
Wayback Machine)
Links from domains with .edu TLDs: (
Links from domains with .gov TLDs: (
Alexa Rank (
Domain name visibility (A count of results at Google for a search for your domain, showing URL visibility rather than incoming link count.) (
Internal Link Percent (The percentage of pages on the domain that link to the target url. If the target URL is the same as the domain name, this is usually 100%.) (
Yahoo API )
Number of search results for URL search at
del.icio.us (del.icio.us)
Listings in
DMOZ (ODP) (Yahoo)
Links found in
Wikipedia (Yahoo)
Google Pagerank of full URL and Domain (
Google) Full URL: # Domain: #

Try Page Strength for yourself!

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