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Google Sitemaps Updated

Inside Google Sitemaps post by Vanessa Fox let us in on some of the nice updates in the latest version of Google Sitemaps. If you can't tell I am a big proponent of this service and use it to great effect.

Currently I have just over 230 sitemaps set up for web sites that I manage. I am slowly adding them to the older sites, but they usually get added when I do edits or updates, resulting in a bit of slow retro additions. I just wanted to say thanks again to Vanessa and the Sitemaps team for manually adding my sitemaps when I got capped at the 200 limit, and thank you for the cap increase so I can do it myself!

Some of the new features include: (Click here for the original post)

Increased crawl errors
Expanded query stats
Increased number of common words
Increased limit of sites and Sitemaps that can be added to an account
(my favorite as it refers to me!)
In response to requests, we’ve raised the number of sites and Sitemaps that site owners can add to a Google Sitemaps account from 200 to 500 — a direct result of a request from a Google Group member.
robots.txt analysis tool addition
We want to know what you think
(feedback smilies to rank useful aspects of Google Sitemaps)

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