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Google Spreadsheets?

Google Spreadsheets isn't the most creative name they have come up with compared to say Froogle or Blogger. I am looking forward to giving it a try. If you are able to share a spreadsheet between multiple parties it could be even more advantageous. Now if they can come out with something like Access and Word we will be all set. Having an online database application would be really nice. Even if the Spreadsheet file can be stored and accessed remotely by say a web application, you could have a reliable data source. Just save your spreadsheet as xml and you would be able to do all kinds of neat things with it. Of course that is all assuming you can have some way to point to it... Hello Google! Gimmie read/write permissions to your server plz tnx!

It is still in the sign-up phase which you can plug your own email in to get in line for.

I also checked out the AdWords Editor, seems to download the AdWords account files ok, and displays all the data. That's about it though. I did find it a little difficult to use when managing several individual accounts, not campaigns, because you have to switch and reopen each separate file. The best part I experienced was that you can fairly easily manage the keywords. I think a lot of the data would have been a lot more useful if it was split up into a tabbular display arrangement instead of so squished together you couldnt see the data, even spread across 2 19" monitors. You are also not able to create new accounts via the stand alone, and cannot edit the geolocation to anything more specific than the country level. Still needs a bit of work, but it's getting there. They have the right idea at least :)

Feel free to try the open download if you have an AdWords account:

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