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MSN's Slow Indexing

For the last couple months MSN has not been indexing new web sites very quickly from what I can tell. I have heard rumors that they put new indexing on hold for a couple weeks in June to do some quality control updates. They opened up the doors to the search marketers for experiences in making positive changes. I don't know why they are taking so long (over 4 months now for a couple sites) to index, even using manual submissions and frequest site updates. About the only thing left that isn't highly pushed on these sites are the link backs.

Some of these orthodontist's web sites have been tweaked multiple times and have increased greatly in rankings. For example Dr. Priscilla Denny, Orthodontist in Birmingham, AL and Dr. David Engen, Orthodontist and Periodontist in Spokane, WA. Both beautiful web sites with customized, extensive and relevant orthodontic content. They were created at the beginning of the year and rank well on Google and Yahoo, but are not even listed on MSN.

We have started a Sesame linktrade program for orthodontists and dentists to promote their websites by asking their referring doctors to add web sites links to each other. Depending on the external links coming in, and the quality of those sites, we will see what kind of result comes out of it. There is also the possibility of using NOFOLLOW attributes to keep the outbound links down.

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