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Google, Yahoo, & MSN Update Search Results

The SEW forums report:

Google, Yahoo, & MSN Update Search Results

It appears that all the major search engines have been reported to be updating their indexes in some way. Google is updating back links at some of the Google data centers. Yahoo has been recently reported to have updated its algorithm or index, although there is no official word from Yahoo on this as of yet. And MSN Search has confirmed that an update has occurred to their index recently. While Google's update may not be represented in the index, Yahoo and MSN's updates have reports that the search results have indeed changed. For the better or worse - that is in the eyes of the beholder.

And over at Search Engine Roundtable they report:

BackLink Update at Google

A WebmasterWorld thread reports that back links are being updates at some of Google's data centers. The data centers documented with the updated back links are at and

What does this mean for SEOs and your rankings? Um, not much, in my opinion.

Just keep watching your traffic and see what resolves.

Also, this may be a sign of a PageRank update happening shortly. But again, that Toolbar PageRank doesn't show much.

Oh, there are also MSN Search Update and Yahoo! Search Update taking place now. Funny that it is all happening at once.

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