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Writely.com (beta) Open to the Public

Writely.com has quietly opened it's doors to the public. This application has been in the works since Google acquired the company late last year. Until now there has been only a limited number of beta registrations and a long waiting list.

I took a good look and run through of the application today to see how much it has changed. (I had used the beta from the parent company before Google aquired it.) I found the use, speed and features to be quite acceptable. There is a lot you can do with the page, including editing the HTML directly, but without script.

The ability to publish online instantly is a huge bonus, including access to post to blogs and create an RSS feed. You can also share access of the document to other users and track revisions.

Writely.com seems to be a well put together application. It is still in beta and there are some small bugs (I found one while writing this). I do think that this application can have a huge impact on the way the internet is used. I can see a tremendous potential in schools, workplaces, and personal use. It is an application that is higly comparable to Microsoft Word, which is currently in the progress of developing its own online office suite.

Here is a sample document snapshot of the document creation screen and you can view the actual public display access here.

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