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Hello, Dr. Sam Smiley!

Dr. Sam Smiley is an orthodontist that has been working on the teeth of the staff here at Sesame Design. His braces are top notch and get those teeth straight and white. I thought about going to him for Invisalign or OrthoClear as I do not like the metal bands of traditional braces in my mouth. Since he doesn't really exist maybe I can get an affordable orthodontic financing plan.

Dr. Smiley's new orthodontic web site design came out well and should help to showcase a basic web design to orthodontist and dentist prospects. The site contains a lot of our orthodontic standard content such as Types of Braces, Life With Braces, and the Orthodontic Dictionary. Dr. Sam Smiley is also profiled in the Meet the Doctor section.

This of course is a post that is not really ment to promote an actual orthodontist, but to test things out on a dental blog level. Feel free to check out his sample orthodontic web site however. There is still lots of very informative dental and ortho content you can learn from.

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