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www.dentistkids.com - Dentistry for Kids

www.dentistkids.com - Dentistry for Kids

This is a domain (www.dentistkids.com) I created to test Google's new Domain Apps and hosting service.

Supposedly you are supposed to get ranked within a few hours of the site being published, but so far with it being up for about 4-5 hrs now it is not indexed. Might as well blog about it and see if that helps!

I really like the Gmail hosting service and have been using it for a long time for my main domain emails. Getting a chance to try out the website creation tool however, I found it quite limited to what you are able to do with it. You can't even run AdSense on it... or any HTML or script. Maybe you can, but I haven't figured it out yet.

I will play with it more when I get back from vacation on the 7th! Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.

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