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Google Supplemental Search Link Display

Recently I have noticed that Google results for some large/popular searches are displaying supplemental links below the description.

A couple quick search examples are "Sesame" and "WordPress"

Sesame Workshop
Workshop - The non-profit educational organization behind Sesame Street and so much more...
www.sesameworkshop.org/ - 16k - Sep 9, 2006 - Cached - Similar pages
Games & More - http://www.sesameworkshop.org/sesamestreet/
Games - http://www.sesameworkshop.org/sesamestreet/games/
Elmo's World - http://www.sesameworkshop.org/sesamestreet/elmosworld/
Stories - http://www.sesameworkshop.org/sesamestreet/stories/
More results from www.sesameworkshop.org »

A semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.
wordpress.org/ - 7k - Cached - Similar pages
Download - http://wordpress.org/download/
Support - http://wordpress.org/support/
Hosting - http://wordpress.org/hosting/
What is WordPress? - http://codex.wordpress.org/Getting_Started_with_Word...
More results from wordpress.org »

Going to do some more research and see if I can find out where these are created, or if it is only for a select group of "special" web sites. It seems similar to the Google Co-Op listing where you can have subscribed links like the one I created for Sesame Communications Co-Op here.

Here is a semi vague reference to Sitelinks on the Google Webmaster Help pages. It looks like this is what is happening, and it is currently all automated. Hm...

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