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Live Goes Live

Both Microsoft Windows Live Search and Live Local have dropped their "Beta" labels. According to Microsoft they are also migrating MSN users to the Live Search as well.

Personally I haven't been too impressed by Live.com. I tried it out initially when it was released at the alpha/beta signups. The Hotmail interface upgrade was decent, if not a poor replica of Gmail. It was an improvement at least.

I still find there are a lot of issues with Live.com. Examples: I just logged in on 2 machines to my account to test it out. I tried to Add Content > My Content and it locks the process at Loading... when trying to add. Oh and don't bother trying to use it with FireFox2 Beta, it wont even load your personalized page content. In general it is very slow as well. I feel for the MSN users on 56k dialup.

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